Podcast: How Has Digital Media Affected Advertising?

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Podcast Transcript

Intro music plays

 Lucy: A date with digital podcast.

Intro music continues. Fades out as Alana begins.

Alana: My name is Alana Scarce and I work at GTB in Melbourne working on the Ford account and I am the Media Director.

Lucy: What made you initially decide to go into media?

Alana: So, I actually fell into it. Just applied for a heap of jobs in media, advertising just at a really entry level and nothing was getting away, like my CVs just weren’t getting anywhere. So I ended up falling into this role, it was a Media Coordinator role, the guy was so young and the business was so young, they didn’t even have a website so I went into this interview so blind and literally just fell into it.

Lucy: What do you think are the biggest differences between obviously doing your first job and now? Or even just in media in general?

Alana: Well, so many. Obviously, the audiences are so much more fragmented now than they were before. You know when I started ten years ago, we were doing so many press inserts. Probably 80% of our budgets were press inserts and TV, and you knew that you could reach literally 90% of our audience at that point eleven years ago but now the audiences are so fragmented. You get the opportunity to see so many messages every day – people on their mobiles, their smartphones, they’re constantly on the move, we’re busier and busier – so the digital landscape has totally changed the way we reach our audiences. The rotation of the ads now, you know every three, two and a half to three seconds they are putting a different brand on so your share of voice is so much lower than it was on a static billboard. So there’s positives and negatives, I think, the whole way through.

Lucy: Yeah.

Alana: Just got to find the right way to reach the audience.

Lucy: Yeah. How do you perceive the change to be different in consumers? Do you think that the way that it’s gone digital has affected the way that people interact with advertising?

Alana: Absolutely, and I think – that’s a great question – but I think people, their expectation now of, they want to know something they seek it from Google in five seconds. If a website on a mobile does not load within that first two seconds, they’re pretty much bounced off. So, the expectation of consumers these days and the younger generation is that everything is so fast and accessible. So, that expectation there is increasingly difficult to meet because how do you even keep up with that?

Lucy: Yeah. It’s like, you can’t make things instantly but you can find them out instantly so…

Alana: Exactly! When I started travelling, when I did two years overseas when I finished my marketing course, there wasn’t even USBs then. And it wasn’t even that long ago!

Lucy: Yeah, no, it wasn’t!

Alana: No Facebook. But the expectation of consumers these days is that everything is just going to happen really fast; they can literally just click and collect. They go online, they click something, they buy it, it’s delivered to their front door.

Lucy: Do you think that print media will cease to exist and, if so, how long do you think we have until this happens?

Alana: I really do and you’ve already seen it so much more now. Their (print media agencies) spends year on year are already dropping significantly and I think probably more so in the past three years, the brands like Newscorp and Fairfax of the world are actually merging their teams now. So initially it was more like, this is our print offering, this is our digital offering, but now they are all educated across the board so I don’t think it’s too far off. You know, I reckon probably in the next ten years, we won’t even, you won’t even see it.

Lucy: Yeah, I agree. Even five, I think. It’ll be completely different.

Alana: Five to ten years.

Lucy: If you think about five years ago, Instagram wasn’t even a thing and now…

Alana: Changing so fast!

Lucy: Yeah, it’s really scary.

Alana: Yeah.

Outro music plays.

Lucy: Well, thank you!

Alana: Is that it?

Lucy: Yeah, that’s it!


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